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Egypt in Miniature
The Book Series
The 'Egypt in Miniature' series is the result of the Expedition's long-term fieldwork and research experience in the necropolis of Saqqara in Egypt. This series involves the systematic photography and analysis of scene details in the accessible chapels of Old Kingdom tombs, and it commenced with the publication of the Saqqara chapel of Kagemni (Volume I, 2006), followed by Ptahhotep II (Volume II, 2008) and most recently by Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep (Volume III, Plates, 2010; Volume IV, Text, 2011). Collectively, these volumes include over 1,500 photographs of analysed scene details.
By providing numerous photographs of scene details in tombs, and supplementing these images with descriptions, archaeological data, and context line-drawings, our aim is to produce many more informative and visually stimulating volumes in the series, each book being a visual and written conservation record of a specific ancient tomb as it exists at the present time.
The Database
An essential part of the 'Egypt in Miniature' series is the OEE Scene Details Database, the initial phase of which went online in the second half of 2007. This database is a record of approximately 118 scene types and mini scene types known to exist in Old Kingdom tombs, on blocks in site magazines, and in museums and private collections worldwide. Not only does the database contain a bibliographical and archaeological record of the known examples of scenes relevant to each of these scene types, but it also includes lists of the details relevant to each scene type, and provides records of the known examples of the scenes in which each specified detail occurs. The 'Egypt in Miniature' book series and the database have been designed to work together as an ever-expanding tool for many types of Egyptological research.
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